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100% focus in everything we do.


100% focus in everything we do.

We are a full-service recruiting and professional placement firm for both clients and candidates. We are located in Utah and serve both local and national needs. With over 10 years' experience in the recruiting industry, our firm is able to more effectively give you the results you deserve. We are passionate about recruiting, and our team members are focused, hardworking, and willing to go the extra mile to help you fill a new role or position. Excellence in customer service is our motto—whether it's cold calling, networking, scheduling interviews, or finalizing the offer, you can be assured that you will be well taken care of. If you need help finding that special, hard-to-find candidate or position, we would welcome a chance to partner with you.

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Client Testimonials

"ZimZee Recruiting has been an outstanding team to work with. They helped us fill a much needed position that we were struggling to fill with other recruiters. They not only helped us fill the position, but they found the candidate quickly, professionally and with a customer focus that is rare to find in this business. Because they did such a great job for us on the first search, we have continued to work with them and will do so for a very long time. I strongly recommend ZimZee Recruiting for any company, if you need assistance finding those 'Hard to Find' candidates."

- CEO, Mi-Co
     Greg Clary

"ZimZee Recruiting is an exceptional placement firm; they do a great job of balancing the interests of both the company and the candidate when they look for a match. They are always coming up with creative and innovative ways to find new opportunities and their grounded approach has proven to be very valuable. I highly recommend ZimZee Recruiting for both companies and prospective employees alike."

- President/CEO, Top-Line Growth
     Mike Petroff

"ZimZee Recruiting is extremely creative in their approach to source talent & find new customers. They work very hard to ensure their customers needs are matched with the very best candidates. I would highly recommend ZimZee Recruiting if you are an Employer looking for a great agency to help you find the best talent. I promise you will get incredible service from them."

- Corporate Account Executive, Dice
     Sheri Carroll

"ZimZee Recruiting has a truly remarkable skill set that sets them apart from other recruiting firms. They are consistently able to deliver “A players” to key positions."

- VP of Marketing, One on One Marketing
     Robert Monson

candidate Testimonials

"I strongly recommend ZimZee Recruiting as a job-seeker. They took the time to review my resume and talk with me to make sure I was a good candidate for a career change. They placed me with a great company; I am very lucky to have been found by them."

- Software Developer, Mi-Co
     Kevin Burgess

"I have known those at ZimZee Recruiting for over a decade and have always observed great levels of integrity and work ethic. They know and get people like few others do. Their extensive experience in sales, their lengthy list of good contacts, and tenacity all help make them an impeccable recruiting firm."

- Systems Engineer, Cisco
     Pete Balderree

"I had the pleasure to work with ZimZee Recruiting during a career transition. They were very helpful during the interview process; they always followed up with me after every interview and gave me valuable advice. I certainly would recommend them to others who are open to job search/resume guidance."

- Senior Solutions Engineer, Remedy Informatics
     Swanilda Suarez

"Through my career, I have worked with and have been contacted by countless recruiters, headhunters, and HR personnel.  ZimZee Recruiting stands above the crowd not only in skill, but also in placing the personal touches and paying attention to the fine details. I have no hesitation in offering my highest recommendation to ZimZee Recruiting"

- Senior Sales Executive, HOTdocs
     Scott Myers